Let’s Get Real: Gone are public likes and comments, giving users a breather from the “perfect” online world and the chance to be their true – authentic – selves.

User as a Storyteller, Not an Ad Target: Consumers have full control over their online experience, privacy, and safety.

A Safe Space: Mindhive addresses the problems of online bullying while giving teens access to the digital world they’re used to, and a safe space to explore and figure out themselves – and the world.

Key Features

Interactive videos merge multiple video, audio and graphic elements to form one-of-a-kind shared experiences.

Public and private video and text chat hangouts give users total control over exactly who can – and can’t – see and interact with their content.

Engages everyone in the thrill of hunting for and discovering valuable tokens embedded in the videos.

No intrusive ads. Mindhive lets users see what they want to see and control the experience.

Privacy and security. Customized avatars and identity redaction protect users’ privacy. No commenting on public content means no trolling, catfishing or harassment from strangers.