Exciting new experience in immersion and interaction with videos.

You decide your point of view for the videos:

Using a few simple gestures —tapping, pinching to zoom or rotate— at any point, you can adjust your point of view for any video and set frame transition paths for how you want to view the video.

Have fun engaging in a hangout with Friends:

Just like in gaming, you can hangout with friends inside the videos for ongoing real-time video and text chats / conversations. Note: hangouts are real-time exchanges, not live video experiences.

All videos with private viewing permissions are hangout enabled.

All hangout communication is private – no worries about unauthorized people seeing what you’re talking about.

Magic Button - Immersion Mode:

Colored marks in the 'Magic Button' show the type and location and time duration of the inserted video and text components of your story in alignment to the timeline of your video.

Magic Button comes in handy especially when you want to replay inserted videos and hangout with friends. It shows hangout messages in real time. Keep an eye on the blue marks …don’t miss out on anything from friends.

Here’s how the colors work:

Yellow marks: Location and duration of inserted videos and captions that are marked ‘P’ public. There might be many yellow marks since many components marked as ‘P’ can be inserted to a video.
Red marks: Location and duration of a single video or caption marked as ‘S’ (secret) either by you or by your friends depending on whose videos you’re viewing. Remember, only a single video or caption marked as ’S’ can be inserted into a video.
Blue marks: Location and duration of ‘Hangout’ video and text messsages from your friends. Hopefully there’ll be many you receive. Once you view them, the blue marks will turn gray indicating that hangout messages in that region of the video are viewed by you. As soon as new hangout messages arrive, you’ll see blue marks again.
Green marks: Location and duration of ‘Hangout’ videos and text messages you post for your friends to see. Once your friends view your hangout messages, Green will turn Gray indicating that the messages are viewed.

Immersion Mode: Hangouts

Tips on having fun with real-time Hangout:

When you assign private viewing permissions to Friends for your own videos, you also allow your Friends to initiate video and/or text hangout inside that particular video.

  • No need to worry about spamming friends with pesky unwanted pings. The list that pops up will only display the names of Friends who responded to your initial video.
  • Remember Mindhive hangout happens in real- time. So, keep checking your ME channel for blue notifications on the thumbnails.

How do I know when there’s a Hangout in my video?

  • Under ME Channel you’ll see Blue tint on the thumbnails informing you that you received a hangout notification from your Friend.
  • You’ll notice Magic Button turning Blue while you are in full screen browsing mode.

How to Initiate Hangout:

When you receive private viewing permissions from Friends to their videos, you can initiate a video and/or text ‘hangout’ inside that particular video.

  • Long tap on any frame of the video where you want to insert a video or text content.
  • On the freeze frame you’ll see the Hangout menu (video and text icons) pop up on the screen immediately after a long tap.
  • Select either video or text option. Say whatever you want to say.
  • You can drag and delete the video you capture or text you write before posting. If you’re happy with what you want to say, simply drag your video or text anywhere on the freeze frame to pin it. Note: you can’t delete your video or text after posting.
  • After posting, you’ll post will be encapsulated in your avatar (in color).
  • You can you can drag your avatar anywhere on the frozen screen to pin it or leave it where it is.
  • You can also tap on your avatar to see your post and replay.
  • You can tap on video to play or scrub to other frames to add more hangout posts.
  • Location of your own hangout posts are displayed as Green inside the Magic Button in Immersion Mode.
  • As soon as your Friend sees your hangout post(s), your avatar will turn Black & White and the location of your post inside the Magic Button (which was Green) will turn gray. This way you know for sure that your friend has seen your hangout post.
  • You can hangout with your friend as many times as you want during the 72hrs lifespan of the video.

When your friends initiate a video and/or text hangout inside your own video, you’ll see their avatars pop on frames.

  • Tap on avatars to see what they’re saying. Videos and Text will have their names on the posts.
  • You can respond to them by simply long tapping on any screen.
  • When you respond, you’ll see only list of friends who initiated the hangout and no one else. This way you can engage only with friends who are interested in hanging out with you. This list is is updated in real-time as more friends initiate hangouts.
  • You can select one or many friends from that list depending on whom you want to see and respond to your reply.
  • You can reply to one or all the people available on the hangout list as many times and on any frame depending on when they reach out to you.
    • For example, if only three of your friends reached out to you for a hangout, you’ll be able to respond only to those three at that time. Lets say 10 mins later, five others reached out to you for a hangout. If you want to respond now, you’ll see 8 people to respond to. This way you’ll always be in touch with your friends who want to hangout with you. No worries of spamming in either direction.

Remember your friends can initiate a hangout only and only if you enable them to see ‘for their eyes only” private content that you embed in your own video. So in a way you’re the one who decides who sees what initially.

Always remember the hangout experience is for fun with friends. Mindhive is all about contributing to your community and receiving love back from them.

In Hangout, you can exchange inside jokes, talk about funny things related to the video or stuff that might be meaningful to your friends, sing songs, play music, express happiness or even get totally silly... all this is OK.

However, if you are thinking of porn, using harsh language, hurting friends’ feelings, then please check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy right now. Please keep in mind Mindhive has zero tolerance for ill behavior.

If you receive any hangout content that is hurtful, even from someone you know well, please “unfriend” that person ASAP and contact us immediately.