Hub is where you’ll find everything to do with you in Mindhive. Think of it as your profile command center. Your 'Vault' and 'Wallet' (coming soon).

Hub: Friends

Friends are your known contacts who are listed in your phone’s contacts list. Of course, to get going, you need to allow Mindhive permission to access a few things including your contacts.

More Info:

You can hangout and exchange private (Secret) communication only with people who are in your approved friends list.

Mindhive requires all users to approve each other’s 'friend request' in order to enable safe private hangout experiences, with no chance for spamming.

You can only engage in private communication with people who you know and who know you! Be assured, no one can see your Friends list.

By tapping on the on Our Friends screen, you will see Your Contact List screen. You can invite friends to join you on Mindhive and add those who are already on Mindive to your friends list.

Connecting with friends on Mindhive:
  • Start by tapping on the Friends icon on the Hub.
  • On Our Friends screen, tap on Invite more to invite/add friends.
  • Your friends who are already on Mindhive will have ADD button next to their name.
    • Tap on ADD to send a friend request.
    • Untill your friends accept your request, their status will remain PENDING.
    • Friends who accept your request will appear on 'Our Friends' screen.

Note: When you receive a friend request, there will be a notifications over the on Our Friends screen.

Inviting friends from your phone's Contact list:
  • Friends who are not on Mindhive will have the INVITE button next to their name.
    • Tap INVITE and Mindhive will send a SMS message to the friend with a link to download Mindhive.
    • Until your friend downloads the app, you will see RE-INVITE next to their name. You can reinvite your friend to download and install Mindhive. As soon as they download and install Mindhive, INVITE will change to ADD.
    • Once they download Mindhive, you'll be able to connect with by sending a friend request.
Adding and Inviting friends is safe and easy. Just remember:
  • You can send invite to anyone who is in your phone’s contact list. They don’t have to have you on their contact list.
  • Your invite will include your MY ID name so your friends don’t think it is a spam.
  • At the invite recipient end, they will see only MY ID if your are not in their contact list.
  • Recipient of your friend request has the option to accept or ignore your request. If you see PENDING for a while, no worries. Your friends are probably busy and missed your invite.

Hub: Interests

Interests are things that you enjoy and pay attention to which makes you feel good and gets you motivated for engagement– like going to concerts and events, engaging in music, sports, or getting involved in arts, fashion & beauty etc.

Just tap and select your interests.

Although there is no requirement to select interests, it would be valuable to let your Scout know of as many interests as possible as you start out with Mindhive. Try to pick at least 10 as starters. You can always add more at a later time. You can also edit your list any time directly by tapping on the Interest menu on the Hub.

Your Scout’s engagement with you, its ability to fetch content and rewards will evolve based on its understanding of your interests as well as your engagement with others interests in the feed. Upon engagement, your Scout will provide you with curated videos in Scout Recommends channel as well unique channels based on your Interests. (coming soon).

Hub: Passion

Our passions make us unique.

Just tap and select your passions.

When you select your passions your Scout will start to understand you, find out ways to augment your interests and eventually bring you content and goodies that are just for you.

Hub: Profile Types

Hub > Mindhive ID

Mindhive ID is your profile that is seen by all non-friends, so remember not to use your face! Users can not comment on bursts made by your Mindhive ID.

Hub > MY ID

To begin interacting with your friends on Mindhive, you have to create 'MY ID' with your real name and face. This will allow your friends to find you on Mindhive.

Only contacts listed in your 'Friends' list will see your known MY ID. Non-friends always see your Mindhive ID. Your face and your real name is not shared with non-friends.

How to create MY ID:
  • Enter your real first and last name which your friends will know you by.
  • Tap on the 'Capture' icon in the center of the page to snap a Selfie. This will represent your MY ID, and only be visible to your friends.
  • Tap on “I’m Done” to finish setting up and finalizing your MY ID. You can always come back to update your photo.

Hub > Stealth ID

You can explore who you want be and say what you want to say with an alternate identity in addition to your Mindhive ID and MY ID. Your Scout will inform you when and how to create your Stealth ID. If used appropriately, posting with your Stealth ID can be hugely fun.

  • You can create a second public handle, Stealth ID (Avatar) any time after you reach Sway Level ‘Getting There’. Stealth ID is not required for using the app.
  • Stealth ID is similar to your Mindhive ID which is disconnected from your real identity. Even if the viewer is a Friend, they will not be able to see your My ID as associated with your Stealth ID.
  • If you choose to post with your Stealth ID, your friends would not be able to interact with you. Similar to Mindhive ID, non-friends can not interact with you when you post with your Stealth ID. This feature adds another additional level of privacy for you.
  • To create your Stealth ID, enter a unique name and choose an avatar from your gallery. Just like your Mindhive ID, we recommend not using your real name or face.
  • To post a burst with your Stealth ID, simply tap on the mask icon located at the top center of the live camera.

Hub: Tracking

Tracking’ is following people and brands.

Trackers’ are the people who follow you.

Your Scout informs you of who you are Tracking and who your Trackers are.

Who we’re tracking:
  • You’ll see a list of all the people and brands you track.
  • You can see their available posts by tapping on their avatar or through the Tracking Channel.
Who is tracking us:
  • You’ll see a list of all the people who are tracking you. Note: Brands can not track you.
  • If you have a long list of people that you’re tracking or trackers, tap on the search icon at the top of the screen and type in any user’s or brand’s name.

Tap on the hamburger icon on the right side of any one you’re tracking. Your Scout will ask you if you wish to Untrack the user or the brand. Respond to your Scout if you wish to untrack or tap on the background to return to the previous screen.

Note: Brand tracking coming soon.

Hub: I Feel

You can explore your emotions by tapping on “I Feel”.

  • Default emotion is Neutral
  • Emotion colors appear as a ring around your Avatar.
  • We encourage you to change your emotion as often as you can to reflect how you feel.

The more accurate and real time the emotion is, the better it is. Each emotion selected provides a real-time cue to your Scout’s response and goodies and content it would fetch for you.

You can change your emotion as many times as you want.
Emotion colors appear as a ring around your Avatar.

Hub: Sway

'Sway' is your influence, your popularity and your notoriety in the Mindhive community.

Your Sway level is based on your contribution to your Mindhive community and your community’s love back to you.

  • Quality of the content you post, frequency and consistency of your engagement with your community are key drivers for rapid leveling up of your Sway.
  • Your Scout will be instrumental in guiding you when and how to level up, recommend activities to how to improve your Sway score.
  • Sway is measured in Prestige status with 5 unique sub levels: 'New Born', 'Getting There', 'Well Rounded', 'Popular', and 'Magnificent'.

Enhanced gamified experiences, cool new features, access to premium channels, improvement of your Scout’s IQ, and high quality rewards are only some of the privileges you receive as your Sway Prestige status increases.

Hub: Rewards

From time to time users are presented with opportunities to obtain rewards.

  • Rewards are an optional in-app feature. You are not required to have or use rewards in any way to use or enjoy Mindhive.
  • A reward could be anything like an in-app sticker, visual filter, theme (skin), premium channel, event ticket offering etc.
  • Your Scout will inform you when you have a reward coming your way and information on the reward.
  • It is up to you to decide if you like to participate in a particular reward offering or not from the rewards listed in your Reward container.

Hub: Vault

Vault is where your valuables, such as your Sway Booster tokens, are stored and managed.

Initially you’ll see different three types of Sway Boosters.

  • For adding Friends to your friends list.
  • For discovering tokens in videos.
  • And, the most valuable is for Inviting Friends.

Vault Cards

More Friends, More Rewards

Each time you add a friend, your friend’s avatar will fill out the empty slot. Once the five empty slots are filled in you can claim your booster. You’ll see a progression on your Sway Bar. Tell your Friends to respond to your ADD friend request because every boost point matters!

Discovering valuable tokens in Videos

From time to time you’ll see valuable tokens inserted in videos. Check out the Video on Discoverable Tokens. Once you claim a token inside a video, one of the empty slots on this card will automatically fill. Again, when you have 5 filled slots, you can claim the Sway booster.

Inviting Contacts

As soon as your contact responds to your invite, downloads the app, you get a whopping 3X booster. So, just encourage everyone on your contact list to download the app to get a mega boost on your Sway.

Hint! You don’t need to add your contacts as your Friends. But if you do, then you’ll get even a more significant boost. Getting boosts in your Sway accelerates your access to Rewards which can be huge.

You’ll discover rewards as you start engaging with Mindhive. For now, every boost matters …keep on going.

Discovering a token inside a video

Engage in the thrill of hunting for and discovering. valuable tokens embedded in the videos as you are browsing. From time to time, you’ll see valuable tokens inserted randomly inside the videos.

The visibility of tokens are time based which means you that next time you’re on that video, you might not see it. So, our advice is, as soon you see a token inside a video, claim it asap.

How to claim a token?

  • As soon as you see an embedded token inside a video, tap on the Magic Button to lock the screen.
  • Then tap on the token to claim it.
  • Once you see the token confirmation you know that the claimed token is entered to an empty slot on the Sway Booster card.

For starters embedded tokens are Sway boosters. However, as you engage with Mindhive, you’ll discover valuable and at times rare tokens representing all kinds of cool rewards that you’ll love to receive.

Have fun. Happy Hunting!

Hub: Themes

To personalize your Mindhive experience, tap on Themes on your Hub screen.

  • Browse through a selection of themes to find the one that appeals to you or matches your style.
  • You can change themes as many times as you wish.
Just tap on the stickers to access and manage your 'Friends', people you 'Track', your 'Moods', your 'Interests', 'Passions', your 'IDs', push 'Notifications', and 'Settings'.
Tapping on Themes will open the list of themes available for you to select from. Selecting a theme will change the skin of Mindhive app to the one that is selected.