With Mindhive camera think of yourself as a director. You can create and publish a single video with multiple views with multiple components inserted inside.

Simple capture – Tap & Record
  • After you record you can scrub frame to frame, zoom into an area and rotate the frame. You can also insert components such as video messages or captions, and decide who can see using privacy permissions.
  • You can edit your video using simple gestures – no need for complicated editing tools.
On the live camera we have:
  • Stealth ID icon at the top – tap on it if you want to post using your Stealth ID.
  • At the bottom, there are: Flip camera icon at the left, Record icon in the middle and Flash icon at the right.
  • You’ll see a list of categories. If you know what you’re going to talk about, you might like to select it before you start recording. Lets say you are at an event, you can set it to Happenings and not worry about selecting it later.

Post Recording and Gestures

Once you stop recording you’ll see:
  • X icon to delete recording and get back to live camera
  • Stealth ID icon in the middle which will enable you to post with your stealth ID (see Stealth section for more info)
  • Magic Button icon with record time of the video: Think of Magic Button like the navigation map of your video. It will show you where your
  • Upload icon at the bottom
  • Categories list. Remember you need to select one category to post your video.
Simple gestures to remember:
  • Tap to stop the video. Tap back to play the video.
  • When video is stopped you can scrub frames side to side. This is like scrubbing on videos but without a scrubbing bar at the bottom. It is also more accurate. You can go frame by frame vs jumping frames.
  • Pinch to zoom and rotate – so far so good? OK!

Inserting videos and captions into your base video

Tap to stop the video
  • You’ll see 4 icons: Caption, Video, Saturation and Brightness.
  • Tap on Video icon, and you’ll see the facecam load (circle). Tap twice on it to flip the camera to rearcam (square).
  • With facecam you can narrate. With rearcam you can interview others or document events like a reporter.
  • Tap on the record button to record whatever you want to say, tap to stop or wait for 10 secs for the recording to stop.
  • If you’re in the middle of recording and change your mind, no worries! Simply tap at the background to get back to the freeze frame.

Selecting privacy permissions:

Once you’re done with recording, you’ll see Privacy Permissions menu. What does this mean?
  • If you select P (Public), it means that you allow everyone to see your edits and inserted content.
  • If you select S (Secret), a list with your friends will pop up.
    • Select one or many from that list.
    • Only friends you select will see the video you inserted and edits you made.
    • You can also alert friends for Urgent responses if you tap and hold on the friend’s avatar. You’ll see urgent notification waves around the avatar.

Don’t forget, you must set your 'MY ID' first and then invite Friends before you start having fun with the S (Secret) settings.

You can also drag to delete the video or the caption.

Remember in a single video you can insert only one S selected video or caption in addition to as many P selected captions or videos.

Public vs. Secret

What’s really cool is you you can select different views and different inserted components for different viewers on a single frame. How does this work? On a single frame, you can select one for everyone to see because it’s important for you to be heard by the entire Mindhive community; and the other view and content for your Friends to see because it might be an inside joke, something relevant to what they think, or simply something funny or silly ...like singing a song.

  • One view of story for everyone to see because it’s important for you to be heard by the entire Mindhive community
  • Another view and content of your story for people from your Friends list to see because it might be an inside joke, something relevant to what they think, or simply something funny or silly …like singing a song.


  • Want to be heard by everyone but don’t feel comfortable showing your face to non-friends? No Problem!
  • You can mask your face in embedded videos which you mark for Public viewing. Only your friends will see your face, and all non-friends will see the masked version.
  • This feature prevents non-friends to identify your face and correlate it with your Mindhive ID. Your real identity is protected as you get your point across to the world.
  • This feature eliminates all non-friends to identify your face with your Mindhive ID (avatar).
  • Your identity is still protected as you get your point across to the world.
  • As soon as you assign P (Public) to any inserted face-cam video, you’ll see a menu button which looks like it has a splatter on it.
  • This is the redaction button. Tap on it to activate redaction. The button turns orange in the active state.
  • You’ll see an overlay of graphical animation playing over your face-cam recording. The audio portion of your video will not be impacted by the animation.
  • Tap on the button again to de-activate redaction state. Button color will revert to B&W displaying the non-active state.

Adjusting Color Saturation and Brightness

You can play with changing the mood of your frames by making them B&W, saturate them for happy feelings, adjust darkness or brightness for cool FX.

Tap on the Saturation icon to activate the filter.

Swipe your finger up and down on the screen to adjust the saturation setting of the frame.

  • When you swipe up you’ll see an increase in the saturation adjustment with a green stroke moving clockwise.
  • When you swipe down you’ll see a decrease in the saturation adjustment with a red stroke moving counter clockwise.

Once you’re visually OK with your adjustment, tap the “Saturation” icon with the check mark to get out of the filter mode.

You can do more edits on that frame like adjusting “Brightness” the same way, or simply move on by scrubbing or tapping to play the video to preview.

TIP: if you’re not happy with your zoom/rotate or color edits, just tap on the “Transform Delete” button at the top left corner. You’re screen will revert to the original settings. Although all the color and geometry transform settings of your video will be reset globally, your inserted videos or captions will not be deleted.

More Tips

Don’t forget to gaze at your Magic Button as a guide to get instant feedback for your edits.

  • Magic Button syncs with your activities in the video. For example, when you tap to stop, it shows you where you are in the video.
  • It syncs with your scrubbing.
  • It shows you where your video and caption insertions are by colored wedges (yellow and red).
  • It shows inserted videos’ and captions’ relative record time aligned to the base video’s record time—like feedback provided in professional editing environments without the complicated tools.
  • Tap on the video to play for final preview before posting.
  • If you change your mind and want to add more, simply tap to stop video to land on a freeze frame and / or of scrub to insert more content.

Changing privacy assignments before posting:

  • Just keep in mind that while you can assign as many narrations, interviews and captions with public viewing permissions, you can assign only one narration, interview or caption for private viewing …just a little rule to remember.
  • You can change privacy assignments any time before posting your video.

Once you’re ready you can post the video. Make sure your video is in preview play mode.

Select a category if you already haven’t selected one yet and then tap post button.

What’s in it for you to select the correct Category?

A lot is in it for you if you select categories accurately.

Categories are like hashtags without hashtags. The more accurate you are with them the more your posts will be discoverable and go viral.

Also, you’ll help your Scout to fetch you goodies that you want, and assist you in improving your Sway levels if your posts are in the correct category. BTW – your Scout eventually will catch up if you’re selecting random categories.