Grid: Browsing videos on Mindhive

Grid' is the feed which displays all posted videos in a chronological order in a thumbnail format for quick browsing.

The feed is displayed in near real-time in a chronological order. Feed streams from left to the right with the most recently posted video always at the top left corner of the Grid.

You can tap on any thumbnail to view the feed in full screen mode. You can browse in full screen just as you do in the grid mode.


Channels broadcast filtered content from the main Hive Feed which is displays all the videos that are posted within 72 hours.

  • You can swipe channels to discover more channels.
  • Tapping on a 'Channel' icon will display all the videos related to that channel in a chronological order.

At the very end of the Channel list you will see 'Channel Settings' icon. Tap on the channel management icon to change the order of the channels or turn off/on their display.

You can easily customize the display of your Channels on the Grid.

  • You can turn on and off channels by tapping on the buttons to the right of the channels.
  • You can drag and drop any channel over another one to change the order of display on the Grid.

Hive Feed Channel is the main Mindhive feed.

  • Hive Feed displays all the posts by users and brands in near real time. Hive Feed is visible to everyone.
  • Hive Feed can’t be turned off or repositioned.

Searching channels for discovery: coming soon.

Browsing Mode: Full Screen

Thumbnail to Full Screen browsing:

Once you tap on the thumbnail you’ll see the full screen display of that particular video with five icons: Magic Button, Channel, Menu, Author Profile and Location.

Menu icon (three dots): Tap on icon to report bullying, sexual harassment, inappropriate content or anything else that you find troubling about the video or the Author.

Author Profile: You’ll see MY ID of your friends and Mindhive ID (avatars) of non-friends or Stealth ID of the Author. Tapping on the profile icon will take you to the profile screen of the video’s author.

Location icon: Location of the posted video will be displayed to the location that is relevant and meaningful to where you happen to be

Magic Button - Browsing Mode

Think of it as a really simple way of informing you the status of the video you’re viewing. Rather than notifying you with a clutter of numbers and words, Magic Button’s notification is based colors. You’ll know just by gazing if the video contains components visible to the anyone in the Mindhive community, or if it also contains content visible only to you or to your friends. It will even alert you if your friend wants you to review the video urgently. It will also inform your and your friends hangout activities.

Here’s how the colors work:

Neutral: Video contains no inserted components.
Yellow: Video contains components that are visible to everyone.
Red: Video contains a component that is visible only to you.
Blue: Video contains hangout content for you to check and respond.


There are many reasons why you want to share content with your friends. In Mindhive it is effortless.

When you see a Burst which you know your friends would love to see and also share with their friends, just tap on the arrow button. This will bring up your Friends list.

Select the friends who would like to view this Burst and tap OK. It is as simple as this.

Viewing Rebursts

When you check the Rebursts Channel, you’ll see the number of Rebursts on the thumbnail.

On the full-screen you’ll see a number icon at the top of the screen. Tap on the number icon to find out who shared the Burst with you.

Remember on Mindhive there is no algorithmic sharing or feeding of content. You’re always in control of what you want to see and what you want to share with friends. Have fun!

Author’s Profile


  • On the author Profile screen you’ll see your Scout providing you with information about the user that is relevant to you.
  • You can let your Scout know if you like to Track (follow) the profile owner.
  • If you don’t see your Scout asking you if you like to Track, then it means that you’re already tracking that particular user.

Profile owner’s video gallery:

  • You’ll see a thumbnail (gallery) of videos that are posted by the profile owner within the last 72 hrs.
  • You can browse gallery either in the thumbnail format or tap on any thumbnail for full screen viewing.
  • Browser will only display profile owner’s videos.
  • To get out of full screen Gallery simply tap on the Channel icon to get to the main grid. At this stage you can only go forward to engage in new discoveries.
  • Note: Tapping on the avatar from the full screen Gallery will not return you to where you came from initially.

Getting out of Profile Screen:

  • Simply tap anywhere on the background or on the Avatar.